About – The Other Path

About The Other Path Podcast

From series creator, Laurie Steven.

In this series, five writers have created original audio dramas inspired by folk tales but set in our current world. They have used these ancient tales to speak imaginatively about issues we face today.

Folk tales are a rich source of ideas about how to face fears, conquer problems, and achieve dreams. Whether we like it or not, we carry these tales inside us. If only we could find true love, vanquish our tormentors, be seen as the person we are, not as the frog we seem to be.

Our plays range from haunting dramas to macabre comedies. In each story, people desperate to fulfill desires choose a path that leads them to wrangle with magical forces. These forces tempt with promises of good fortune but lead to danger. Whatever fate has in store, the other path reveals the unexpected.

At heart, our audio dramas, like the greatest folk tales, are about transformation. Sometimes, however, they explore what happens if you don’t change (spoiler – it’s not good). I hope they will enchant, inspire and surprise you.

Many thanks to the wonderful writers, actors, sound and music artists, and theatre professionals who helped bring this series to life. Please meet them in the credits in the About section.

The Other Path is created and produced by Odyssey Theatre.